Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sugarpill Cosmetics 4-Color Palette in Cold Heart

This is so exciting! I decided to try out Sugarpill because I have heard so much about it and it looks amazing! I just got this palette in the mail a few days ago and wanted to do a review on it.

    First of all, I want to say that Amy Doan (creator of Sugarpill Cosmetics) is awesome! She is so sweet.She sent me a  sample of the loose pigment "Goldilux" with my order (which I looove). I got a Sugarpill sticker and she even signed my invoice!
    Next, packaging! The packaging for this product is amazing!. It is so cute! ^.^ It has a really nice mirror on the inside. Great quality. Also, one thing that I find very very important is that the compact is sturdy and it has magnetic clasps. I looove products that come in magnetic compacts because they're easy to open and they stay closed so they don't get ruined. So on a scale of 1-10 I give the packaging a 10!

   Now the one of the first things I noticed about this palette is that the pots the eye shadows are in are huge! It's a lot of product! The eye shadows are very very pigmented. I have already done a couple looks with them and am please with how nice they look and how long they last. I have a picture posted below with swatches and the shadows in the compact. The color names (from left to right, top to bottom) are Poison Plum, Bulletproof, Tako, and Afterparty. Such fun names! The first three seem to be more matte while Afterparty has more of a satin finish. I also have a swatch of the loose pigment Goldilux below. I normally shy away from gold colors and don't like them but this is so bright and pretty that I will probably use it a good bit then get the actual pot. Overall the eye shadows are fantastic! Great color pay off and very pretty bold colors. I give the shadows a 10 as well!

      If you want to check out all Sugarpill Cosmetics products go to http://www.sugarpillshop.com/.

  I'm glad I decided to try this out and will definitely be purchasing some more of these products in the future. I got this palette at for $34 and it was definitely worth it. I will have some looks with these colors posted later. I hope this post is helpful!


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