Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FFVIII Guardian Force Series-Siren

 Hurray! I love the GF Siren. She is so lovely and graceful looking. When in battle in the game she is called forth to cast silence on enemies. Kind of going along with Greek mythology, she uses her harp and beautiful voice to mesmerize the opponents. ^.^ Here is my attempt at a look inspired by Siren's beauty. I know it is very subtle but I wanted it to have a soft look to hopefully give it more of a graceful look.

All the shadows I used for this look were my Shiro Cosmetics loose mineral eye shadows. I used:
Urban Decay Primer potion for my base
Meowth from Shiro on the lid and underneath the lower lash line
Rattata from Shiro along the upper lash line
Kokiri Forest from Shiro along the crease and in between the eye liner in the outer corner
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner for the eyeliner
Wet n Wild Megalash for the lashes.



  1. gorgeous look! love the double wing liner!

  2. Thank you! I had a difficult time with that eye liner. I always end up having to redo it a few times and I'm still never happy with how it looks >.<

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