Monday, January 24, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics Review and Swatches FTW! ^.^

Yes! That's right! I finally received my eye shadows from Shiro Cosmetics! I say "finally" not because it took long but because it felt like an eternity since I have been so excited to receive this product. When I first heard about Shiro from Anastasia of Lipsticks and Lightsabers I was so overwhelmed with joy that  I could hardly contain myself. Caitlin, the owner of Shiro Cosmetics, has taken my two favorite things ("Makeup and Geekery") and combined them into a magnificent combination of pure awesomeness ^.^  She has eye shadows themed from Pokemon and from Zelda. I just got my stuff in the mail so I haven't gotten to do any looks, but I'm doing some swatches anyway and looks will come!

  Ok, first of all, the customer service that I received from Caitlin of Shiro Cosmetics was fantastic! She was so kind and kept me up to date through out the process of ordering and receiving my shipment. She's such a sweety! I even got 3 samples of other eye shadows with my order! I work in customer service myself, so I can really appreciate when someone is good with their customers and this chick is!


I ordered 10 of the mini jars from The Super Effective Collection (^.^). They came in this uber cute little bag with the business card on it and a very nice greeting and thanks from Caitlin on the back. The jars are nice because they have little sifters in the top, so I will be less likely to make a huge mess of them!


Now to the goodies! I am sad because I feel that my camera just can't do these colors justice. They are all absolutely beautiful. All have a shimmery effect to them and are very pigmented. They are vegan mineral loose pigments. I'd have to say after swatching them my favorites are Rattata, Bulbasaur, and Clefairy, though I am in love with every single one and can't wait to start doing some looks with these!

Anyways, I hope this was helpful and I know that it will be a treat for my other nerdy girls out there as well as the regular makeup consumer because these eye shadows have something to please everyone... beautiful colors and freaking awesome names! So thank you, Caitlin, for being amazing and seriously pwning at making an awesome product! ^.^



  1. hello, I met you blog at makeupgeek site, I'm following you, holpe you visit me and like (sorry my bad bad and bad english)

  2. Hi! Of course, I already subscribed your blog. It's beautiful, by the way! I will just have a difficult time understanding, hehe, but I'm looking forward to checking out your posts. :)

  3. Pokemon, and Zelda are my childhood. I just wanted you know know how jealous I am of you right now. And I just randomly cam across your blog, which is great... and feel kind of like a creeper... No creepiness intended I assure you!

  4. hey if you do a look w/ the green one pls post it on mug!! I've been looking for a shadow like too dolly (mac) which I broke to pieces :)

  5. @treehugger9549 I don't think you're a creeper, haha. I'm glad to hear from people who have the same interests as me!

    @Amalia J I did post one look that has the green in it:
    but I will probably try doing something with more green because I love it!!!

  6. Great swatches & love your blog! Check me out sometime too if you get a chance :)
    I was planning an order before Shiro closed down, but tonight I think I'll be ordering some intertubes and Rattata for sure!