Tuesday, June 14, 2011

VS Pro Smooth Effects Lip Scrub and Balm

Oh hi! I has a product to share with you that has been my absolute favorite for months. It's the Victora's Secret Pro Smooth FX Lip Scrub and Balm.
I have a nervous habit that I can't get rid of where I lick/chew my lips all the time. This makes my lips dry and chapped a lot of the time, especially in the winter. With this new vs product I can get my lips silky smooth in just minutes! "Now, Bekah, why don't you cut your bad habit?" is what some of you may be thinking.... Well I will at some point, but right now it's helping prove a product to be awesome!
The container for his scrub/balm is really neat. It has the scrub in the bottom when you unscrew the top, then you just flip up the very top of the lid and it has he balm there. Definitely nice for saving space.
The scrub is a sugar one. It smells really nice. It is recommended to scrub your lips for 30 seconds then tissue the product off. After that, you apply the balm and it leaves a nice layer of moisture. I really like the balm because it is smoothing and not sticky at all. After using this stuff you get a refreshing, slightly tingling feeling on your lips.
It is $14 at VS and it is completely worth every penny! I highly recommend this to anyone to keep those lips fresh and supple.


  1. great review! I love lip scrubs this combo sounds perfect for me.... is it minty?

  2. I prefer the lick-off variety of lip scrubs.

  3. Love this scrub! I think VS makeup is highly underrated. They have so many good things in my opinion. :)

  4. Never heard of this but I also suffer from chapped lips & bad habit biting so I might need to pick up some. Though doubtful anything will help me cut that habit. Ugh.

  5. @ Amalia Thank you! It's not minty. It has more of a sweet smell to it

    @VijiiS I have not tried a lip scrub that you can lick off but that sounds awesome!

    @Steph I agree. I looove all of the makeup products I have gotten from VS!

    @Meredith Jessica You should definitely try this out, because it does wonders for those chapped lips. Yeah, I don't know if I will cut my lip-chewing habit either >.<