Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sales and Swatches!

Hi all! I have a couple sales going on with some companies that I wanted to let you all know about today.
  1. Check out Linnaeus Cosmetics here. The owner of the store is doing a 20% off sale since she will be moving her shop. The eye shadows are vegan, which is awesome, and they look very pretty. I have already purchased a couple collections and can't wait to review and swatch them! 
  2.   Check out Morgana Cryptoria's sale on eye shadows here. I actually purchased some of these a while back and really like them. See swatches below.

 The colors here are really nice. I didn't notice how vibrant they were until I swatched them. I will do a full review on some Morgana Cryptoria products when I can actually get one of her full collections and some lipsticks, hopefully.

 Well, that is my little bit for the day. Happy shopping for loots! ^.^


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