Monday, June 20, 2011

Linnaeus Cosmetics Review and Swatches

 Hello everyone! I've got a review today for da-da-da-DA!....Linnaeus Cosmetics! I am so excited about reviewing this line! Linnaeus Cosmetics is an independent vegan mineral makeup company run by the darling Marin. She does makeup lines inspired by her love of animals. I have just gotten my first order from Linnaeus and I am already in love with the company. I have nothing but great things to say in reviewing the customer service, packaging, and products!
          Ok, first we review customer service! You may have read me talking about how I am big on great customer service. Being someone who works in that area myself, I find it a very important aspect. I can tell you hands down that if you buy from Linnaeus Cosmetics you will get excellent customer service. Within hours of placing my order I had a message from Marin thanking me for my order and letting me know I would be updated with a tracking number once everything was shipped. I was kept up to date during the whole process and I really appreciate that. I also got a full hand written letter with my order thanking me for my purchase again. Marin is a very sweet and awesome person. She knows how to treat her customers :)
        Next....packaging! I have a picture below with the little bag that my eye shadows came in. As is stated on the website, all packaging is biodegradable, recycled or recyclable when possible. Definitely nice to know that my purchase supports being green! ^.^ The bag looks like it's made from some kind of canvas, and will be nice to store my eye shadows in. The actual jars that the eye shadows come in are 5 gram jars with sifters. They come tight wrapped in plastic so you know they have not been tampered with or come open. Linnaeus Cosmetics is printed on the lids of the jars and the bottoms of the jars are labeled with the eye shadow name and ingredients. I am very pleased with the packaging. Cute, earth-friendly, and clean!

     Now, onto the shadows, which I am super-stoked about! These eye shadows are beautiful!!! I just can't stress enough how lovely they are. They are all vegan and the ingredients are listed on the package clearly so that you know what is in them. They are also clearly labeled if they are not lip safe. All ingredients are listed on the website as well for all of the products, so there is no question of what is in them and that is an awesome thing! As listed on the Etsy store policies Linnaeus Cosmetics does not repackage! All shadows are unique formulas.

My camera just doesn't capture these shades to their fullest beauty. They all have a nice shimmer to them that is just enchanting. They are very smooth to apply and show up really well. These swatches I did are over the Mary Kay eye primer. The top swatches are the Gemsbok collection (aside from the Bouffant, which I got as a free sample) and the bottom swatches are the Lovely Cotinga collection.
  • Fabled is a light silvery color with some lovely shimmer
  • Kalahari is a light shimmery beige. I'm gonna love using this one for a nice lid color or wash for the whole eye lid
  • Tough Stuff is a deep gray, almost black with multi shimmer in it
  • Bouffant is a light shimmery gold
  • Show Off is a deep true shimmery purple
  • Astute is more of a purply-pink with shimmer
  • Flutter is a bright light blue with shimmer
  I'd have to say my favorites are Kalahari, Show Off, and Flutter, though I do love all of these. I love how these shadows have just the right amount of shimmer and aren't heavy, though you can build the color up to make it more vibrant.
   So there is my the customer service, love the packaging and love the products!!!! You should definitely check out Marin's Etsy shop here. Starting July 9th she will be launching her new website: There is currently a 20% off sale still going on at the Etsy sight, visit and get some awesomeness! ^.^
  I will be posting some looks with these colors soon!


These products were purchased by me. 


    1. Those shades are gorgeous! I'm especially loving Astute and Kalahari. I've never heard of this company before but I'm definitely going to be bookmarking their site. :D

    2. I need a shade like Bouffant so badly!

    3. I've just ordered the Gemsbook collection and can't wait to get it. Marin is absolutely wonderful!

    4. Great review dear! I LOVE the look of Flutter :)

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    6. Show Off and Flutter are gorgeous! I love that the bag it was sent in is completely green. So awesome.

      *Edit, minor typo. :)

    7. Love your blog! Hey would you check out mine? If you follow I would be happy to return the favor!
      thanks so much!

    8. @Mandy Yay! You definitely need to check them out!

      @Meredith Jessica Bouffant is great! I like that it could be wash for the lid or a highlight even.

      @Megan You're going to love that collection! And I agree, Marin IS wonderful! ^.^

      @voodoo girl I really like the purples too. Purples are my favorite!

      @Vintage Makeup Thank you! ^.^

      @Aimee Yes, yes, I agree. Being green makes me happy.

      @Shelby Thanks! Sure thing. I went ahead and put you on my follow list =3

    9. Kalahari is beautiful and I love their packaging so much. I must make an order sometime :) It's awesome that Marin is so helpful and sweet too!