Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shiro Swatches!!!

Hi everyone! I apologize for my absence for so long. I have been busy with wedding planning and work stuff. I am happy to be back with some great swatches for you all! My shipment from Shiro Cosmetics arrived this week!
  If you have been reading my blog for a while you already know that I loooove Shiro! I have decided that it is my favorite makeup company. Number one, they are absolutely beautiful eye shadows; number two, they have a Pokemon and Zelda collection; number three, the owner of the company Caitlin is a big nerd like me ^.^ She is so nice and really knows how to run a business and implement good customer service. So let's get down to business!

Super Cute Packaging!
I love the little bag she put this in.

Here are the shadows in their pots. I got 3 samples and 2 chocolates with mine! So sweet! :D

Both of these are with flash.

I put Too Faced Shadow Insurance on under the swatches. I am happy with ALL of the colors, but I have to say my favorites are Midna, Farore's Wind, and Hearts. Hearts is a nice red color. I have a difficult time finding a red that doesn't come out looking pink and this red stays true so I am so stoked I got it! All of the colors have great pigmentation and last all day. I have done a few looks so far with some of them.

For this one I used PIkachu, Zelda, Master Sword and Deku

This is my St Patrick's Day look I put together. I used Rupee, Farore's Wind, Link, and Meowth (my favorite highlight color).

I am very pleased with how these look applied. I have been using them dry because I'm not used to using pigments wet, but I will try to get some practice in so you all can see how it looks. Bottom line, as you can see these shadows are awesome and I would highly recommend them to everyone. 



  1. I had never even heard of this brand, I must look it up!

  2. The green look is so pretty! I really have to get around to making an order, every time I see Shiro swatches I want them even more xx

  3. @SweetLikeJelly Awesome, you should! ^.^

    @Sylvieee I know, i feel the same. Every time I see this stuff I want more!!!1