Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lost in Makeupland Review and Swatches

Hoorah! I just got my shipment of samples in the mail from Lost in Makeupland! I have been stoked about this purchase for a while now and I finally get to share it with my awesome readers. ^.^
  Lost in Makeupland is a fairly new independent makeup company run by Ms. Belen. She has a store on Etsy as well as a blog where she keeps her peeps up to date on latest news with her products. Her shop is full of great mineral eye shadows, blushes, and highlighters. When I first saw the website I knew I had to try it out so I bought some samples!
  Lost in Makeupland is having a contest to win either a 50% discount code or $50 worth of LIM products!!!! Check out the rules here!

Customer Service
 Belen knows what she is doing when it comes to this category. She is very kind to her customers and keeps them up to date. I did have to wait almost a month to get my package but only because I live in the US and the shipping for overseas in Spain at the time was backed up. I do not have a problem with this and I know about it because Belen keeps updates on her Twitter account, which I follow, telling what's going on as far as shipping. There were some people giving her a hard time about the whole post office being backed up and I say that is ridiculous. Belen DOES NOT control the post office that ships internationally and was kind enough to let us know what was going on. I promise, you will not die from having to wait for your cosmetics a little longer! Anyway, now that I'm off that rant.... bottom line, good customer service! ^.^

 Cute packaging. Since I had all samples they came in little zip baggies all in a little tie bag as seen below. I LIKE it!

   When I swatches these colors I became so excited because they are all beautiful!!! I ordered 10 samples of eye shadows (Belen gave me an extra, so sweet!), 2 blush samples, and a highlighter sample.
With flash and over Too Faced Shadow Insurance

   The eye shadows with a V next them are vegan and the eye shadows with an NV next to them are non-vegan. This is another thing I like about Lost in Makeupland... they are clearly labeled as to whether they are vegan or not and every product has a list of ingredients used on the website. It's nice that this company is up front about it's products.
  I find all of the eye shadows to be very pigmented. They go on nicely and blend beautifully when applying. I am so excited about these products because they are so pretty! I really do love them all. Goomer is an almost purply-pink (mainly pink). Sugar-coated has a beautiful sky blue color to it. Purrrple is a kind of dark lavender color. Weed is a light almost yellow-green. Not So Much is an interestingly pretty color with its burnt red kind of look. Expensive is a golden brown. Ink Bubbles is a cute pink (can't really explain what kind of pink). Whipped is a nice frosty white. Bruised seems to be an almost mauve color. Bioshock may be my favorite because it has a gorgeous deep green color with brown in it. Queen is deep red and brown.
   The highlighter and blushes are soooo lovely. I put in the Say It Isn't So blush in the picture below and it blended so well. I normally hate having to deal with blush because I'm so pale that I end up looking like a Raggity Anne doll or something, but with this blush it is not too harsh and it gives a pretty flush to the cheeks. I really like the Peachy blush as well as it is also light and not too bright for my skin and I love light peachy blushes anyway. The highlighter is very satisfactory for me. Highlighters are not something I use a lot but I probably will with this one. It gives a nice brightening touch to the face when applied above the cheekbones. 

     I did a look using some of the products:

I used these:
(Whipped, Sugar-Coated, Ink Bubbles, Say It Isn't So, and Faerie)

   Overall I am very pleased with this company and will definitely be buying from them again. You guys should check out the website! Huzzah for uber makeups! =3



  1. wow, those look really beautiful! idk if its the flash but they look holographic!! love the eyes!

  2. Thank you! Yeah, the colors really stand out and pop.

  3. Thanks for the gorgeous swatches! :)

  4. gorgeous colours and pigmentation!