Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream-Review

Hello everyone! I've got a great product review for you today and that product is the Perfect Cover BB Cream!!

BB stands for blemish balm. It is a liquid foundation made in Korea. As it says on the packaging it is supposed to "lighten the skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability". It also "prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties".
I have been using this on and off for 2-3 years and I have to say this is one of my favorite cosmetic products! It really does improve the look and feel of my skin. As I believe I have said in previous posts, I used to get acne and still get occasional small bumps on my skin. BB Cream really does help to reduce these bumps and make my skin soft. This cream comes in 4 different shades:  #13 Milky Beige, #21 Light Beige, #23 Natural Beige, and #31 Golden Beige. I know four shades doesn't seem like much, but it is an improvement from the only two shades they had when I first started buying this. I buy the #21 shade and it seems to work well for me. Here I have it swatched and blended:

It applies smoothly and I would say the coverage isn't really full. It seems to me to be closer to medium coverage. I suppose it's kind of like a tinted moisturizer but with more pigment. It has SPF 42, so it definitely protects the skin effectively from harmful UV rays. It smells AWESOME! I have never had a foundation that smells this good.
Overall this product is great and I would definitely recommend it. It lives up to its claims of helping blemishes and its anti-aging properties, it has decent coverage, and it smells good. The only problem I have with it is that it is not offered in more shades, but hopefully that will be something that is expanded in the future.



  1. I've been wanting to try BB Cream for a long time and your review makes me want all the more! I'm just worried about them being too yellow based.

  2. Cool! Well I have cool undertones and it doesn't look too off for me so it may not be too yellow based for you. ^.^

  3. I'm really interested in this product but still a little skeptical that it will match my skin tone.

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