Monday, September 26, 2011

Ticker!.....*click, click, click*

     Hi all! "OMG", you say.... "Bekah is doing a post?!" Yeah, I've been MIA for a while for a few reasons. 1) I haven't felt like wearing makeup, really. 2) I've started back at college and have been concentrating on that. 3) I've been crocheting!.... I've had lots of requests from friends to do different amigurumi dolls. If you like cute, nerdy crocheted things you can check out my tumblr here. I may start posting on here more often. Just depends on how busy I will be.
    Anyways, I finally was in the mood to do my makeup today and inspired by a certain game I have been playing A LOT with my husband.....Gears of War 3!!! Yes, it is a very fun first person shooter. I did a pretty neutral look, but the colors are derived from the  colors of the Ticker creature from the game. I love playing these little guys in Beast games!

   So yeah, the colors aren't spot on, but whatever. If nothing else, this just gives me a reason to babble about my latest game fave ^.^

What I used:
Urban Decay Drink me, Eat me on the inner corners and brow bone.
Urban Decay Muchness on the inner 3rd of the eyes.
Shiro Cosmetics Mew on the middle 3rd of the eyes.
Urban Decay Mad Hatter on the outer 3rd of the eyes.
Smashbox eye liner.
Urban Decay Skyscraper mascara.

Shiro Cosmetics Zelda on the cheeks.



  1. Your face looks so flawless :) subtle but very well done makeup!

  2. I love these look ideas based off monsters and characters from video games. :3 Totally awesome!

  3. @DaphYin Thanks! I did touch up that picture a bit....wish I had totally flawless skin >.<

    @Kim Thank you! I love doing the looks

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  5. I coulda sworn I saw you at the British Beer Company in Natick. Is it true?

  6. Do you like UK98? I've never listened them before but they seem promising.

  7. You're makeup is gorgeous! Like really, you're eyeshadow is amazing.
    Also, you look so cute with you're hair like that! I tried that once, I looked like a little boy. My face is too round or something! :)

  8. Your hair is amazing. I'm going to steal the look ;) Even though I'm a guy. But hey, who cares?

  9. Is this now a ghost blog?